Easter Signature Experiences

Hand picked by Iniala


A Journey in to Iniala’s world renowned Gastronomy.

Finally, your stay will be topped off with a stargazing Beach Barbeque dining experience, the perfect way to savour a special evening watching the sunset and then dining under the stars. Blessed by a gentle sea breeze and the sound of the ocean lapping onto the shoreline, there is simply no better way to enjoy our incredible oceanfront location.

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Featuring an 8 course chefs table at Esenzi Restaurant, this immersive experience allows guests to get up close and personal with the team and the ingredients that go into making ‘the essence of the sea’ dining concept.

Your Gastronomy journey will then present a half day cooking class that will introduce you to local cooking methods and practices. The day begins with an early walk through the bustling local fruit and vegetable market with Iniala Master Chef Dalle. who will acquaint you with Thai cuisine’s infinite ingredients while learning about the history and most common uses for herbs, spices, oils, rice, pastes and vegetables. You will then return to the resort to prepare yourself a delicious four-course meal that you will be able to enjoy with a bottle of Thai wine.


Embrace Thailand through our handpicked cultural experiences.

Finally your stay will be completed with an adrenalin pumping evening of authentic Thai boxing at the island’s most famous boxing stadium centrally located in Patong. The stadium attracts fighters from all over the world to compete in this ancient Thai martial art and you will be there to experience it first-hand.

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Starting off with a tour of traditional Thailand villages, away from the beaches, Phuket island has plenty to offer culture seekers. A 19th century trading port with Chinese, Portuguese, and southern Thai influences, the island was originally known for tin mining. Visit the island’s most sacred and ornate temple at Wat Chalong, the monumental hilltop Big Buddha with spectacular panoramas and Phuket Old Town.

We will then whisk you off in your own private car to the stunning Bang Pae Waterfalls where you will enjoy a private two-hour morning trek with a guide through Khao Phra Thaew National Park, 22 square kilometres of tropical rainforest. You will trek through dense jungle learning about a variety of resident plants, fruits and small animals along the way. The trek ends at Bang Pae waterfall and finally with a visit to the Gibbon Centre.


Join us for the ultimate family adventure this Easter

Keep an eye out as the hidden cliff-lined lagoons are populated with macaques, water monitors, kingfishers, mudskippers, sea eagles and brahminy kites. After dark, you will have the option to enter the cave at night and experience a traditional ‘Loy Kratong’ ceremony accompanied by the magical bio-luminescent plankton lighting up the water like a starry sky. No family holiday is complete without a sunset horse-riding stroll on the unrivalled beaches of Phuket.

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Start with a visit to the now world-famous Elephant sanctuary. Enjoy a morning with the elephants, where you will meet the animals, learn who they are and why they need to be protected. PES offers guests the opportunity to feed and enjoy a leisurely walk with the elephants. The following day you will be driven by your own private car to the thrilling splash Jungle waterpark where the kids (and adults) can experience the exhilarating slides and rides offered.

The fun doesn’t end at Splash jungle. You will also get to see the famous Phang Nga Bay from a unique point of view with a day of Ocean Kayaking. A professional guide paddles you and your partner through sea caves and into hidden lagoons within Phang Nga Bay’s marine limestone karstic islands.