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Beachfront Luxury

Iniala Beach House is situated on the beautiful golden sands of Natai beach facing the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. Our residence comprises three absolute beachfront villas and an amazing penthouse. When staying at Iniala we want you to completely let go. Each villa has a dedicated team including a driver, butler, chef, spa therapist and a housekeeper.

Iniala Penthouse

21st Century Living

Collector's Villa

Eclectic Living

The Iniala Experience

Every stay at Iniala is unique. There is a whole host of things to do here. Our management team will ensure that your Iniala experience is a special one and will organise a wonderful activity programme based around your wishes. Here are a sample of a few of the things on offer.


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Our Iniala Gastronomic Experience


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